quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

Tradução do Dia - Mamonas Assassinas

Nada como começar a nova seção do blog homenageando uma das bandas de maior sucesso no Brasil nos anos 90. Nesse dia 2 de março faz 15 anos que eles nos deixaram. Mas vamos ao que interessa. (atenção, como quase tudo nesse blog a tradução não visa ser correta, apenas engraçada de se ler ao lembrar da letra original)

Vira-Vira (Turn-Turn)

I was invited to a group sex party,
I couldn't go, Maria went in my place
After a week she came back home,
All messed up she couldn't even sit.
When I saw that I was shocked,
Maria crying started to explain.
Then I was relived,
And thanked God she went in my place

Twist, twist and turn, let the wheel go and come
They passed the hand in my butt and I haven't f*** anybody
Twist, twist and turn, let the wheel go and come
In this f*** group sex, they already passed the hand in my butt
And I haven't f*** anybody yet!

Oh Manoel look how I am
You can't imagine how I'm suffering
One of my tits a black guy ripped off
And the one that is left hurts
Oh Maria don't be a sissy
I'll take you to the hospital in the morning
You are so beautiful monotitted
One in the hand is worth more than two in the bra


stomp the foot...
hmm... stomp the foot...

Oh Maria this group sex arouses me
Perk, perk, perk
Then go make love with a goat
Perk, perk, perk
But Maria this is good to exercise you
Stomp the foot, perk, perk
Manoel you have poo in your head
Quit the promiscuous sex and go take care of the bakery

Come on; everybody dancing! Everybody with me! Uou, uou, uou, oh Maria is f*** come on!
Ouch, how it hurts...

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